Engineered Wood Flooring Brings Warmth, Durability and Elegance

Durable, versatile engineered hardwood gives you the beauty of wood flooring in bathrooms, basements and more.

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Engineered Wood Flooring Resists Higher Moisture Levels

The best engineered wood floors are built having 3-12 multiple ply layers (see picture below) that are cross layered, glued and pressed together. The inner core layers are are generally built up with either a hardwood and/or soft plywood type of material, which incorporates the tongue and groove fastening system along the edges of the boards. The top thicker hardwood veneer wear layer is then glued and pressed on the top surface of the core. Engineered hardwood flooring is available in almost any wood species.

The benefits of using engineered wood floors include more resistance to slightly lower and higher moisture levels than solid wood flooring, which adds to their appeal to use in damp basements or in regions of the country that have higher or lower than normal relative humidity levels. Also, engineered flooring (excluding the newer Click Lock flooring) can be direct glued-down over (dry) concrete slabs above or below grade or stapled down over a wood subfloor. Quality Engineered Hardwood flooring has the same resale value as 3/4" solid wood flooring, if you ever decide to sell your home.

Engineered hardwood floors range in a wide array of widths from 3-7 inches wide and in thicknesses from 3/8"-3/4" they also come in a wide variety of domestic and exotic hardwood species and some are even available in the popular hand scraped styles. Some brands of engineered flooring have a thin .6 mm wear layer that can only be re-coated and cannot be sanded and refinished new again once they get worn, they have an average lifespan of between 20-30 years depending on traffic. Other brands or styles can have a thicker 2-6 mm thick wear layer that can be completely sanded and refinished new again 1-5 times if they ever needed to be. These thicker wear layer engineered floors are usually more expensive to purchase upfront but can last 40-100 or more years before having to be replaced. See our article on Engineered flooring wear layers for more information.

Click Loc engineered flooring is becoming a more and more relevant trend in the engineered market. Click locking engineered boards have special tongue and groove systems that simply lock together, forming a tight seam and a seamlessly smooth appearance. Click locking floating engineered floors require absolutely no glue during installation and just lay over a foam or cork underlayment. Click locking engineered floors can be installed on any grade level in the home and not only over traditional plywood or concrete subfloors, but also over old hardwood flooring, vinyl and tile as long as they are flat and well secured.

The guys over at Sunshine Interiors of Lakeland are just great. They provide an excellent product and excellent installers to install that product. The installers are always on time and they are incredibly efficient in their work. I really like that they do exactly what they say they are going to do and they don't try to be sneaky and do extra so they can charge you extra. If I ever have any questions they are more than happy to answer all of them. They are just a great service, and I am always incredibly happy with their work.

Bill W. - Lakeland, FL

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Frequently Asked Questions about Engineered Wood Flooring

Q. What's the advantage of using an Engineered wood floor over a Solid nail down floor?


Engineered hardwood floors can be installed in areas where there is slightly higher relative humidity levels. Engineered wood flooring being more stable is a great choice to use in summer homes where the heat is turned lower when no one is there. Because manufacturing engineered flooring does not waste valuable prized wood below its wear layer purchasing engineered flooring also helps conserve our forests.

Q. Does it matter what size width board or color to use? Is one width better than another?


No. I would suggest using whatever width board you prefer aesthetically. The rule of thumb is that a narrower board will give you a more formal look and feel to your home. A wider board (over 4 inches wide), will give you a more Country look and feel.
Floor color is a personal choice that would have more to do with your personal tastes and decor. A natural light colored wood floor will go with any decor and will lighten up any room. I usually suggest not using dark colored flooring if your room decor is very dark.

Q. Can I use a Engineered wood floor in my basement?


Yes, as long as the moisture content of the concrete does not exceed 4%. Basements are known to have higher relative humidity due to being under the ground. It is recommended to use a floating engineered wood floor which allows the use of a 4-6-mil plastic vapor barrier in any areas where there is a slightly higher moisture conditions.

Q. Can I install a Engineered floor over other floor coverings such as vinyl or tile?


Yes, as long as the other flooring is a hard surface, secured well and is flat. You cannot install any wood flooring over carpet.

Q. Can I glue down an Engineered wood floor over my concrete slab that is on grade?


Yes, you should make certain that your slab is dry and that the moisture content does not exceed 4%. Again, depending on your particular situation we may recommend using a floating engineered floor.

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