Screen shades Lakeland Florida

January 26, 2016

2016-01-21 00.37.23

We recently installed some screen shades in Beefs Express first location in Lakeland, FL. Screen shades are a great type of window covering if your looking to shade the sun and UV rays coming in a window, but want to maintain the visibility out. Screen shades come in different “openness factors” What this means measures is the weave of the fabric. A fabric with 5% openness factor is more open and visible out of vs. a 1%. A 1% openness factor shade you have very little visibility out of . Common openness factors on screen shades is 1%, 5%, and 10%. What is great about screen shades is that you can see out during the daytime, but you cant see in . Keep in mind though that at night, the exact opposite is the case. So if you like this shade, but need privacy at night, a second shading would be recommended at night.

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