Where to buy soft carpet Lakeland FL

December 1, 2013

Now you can get everything you want with your new soft carpet!


The best of both world’s—Performance and Luxury—all in one carpet.  Let us introduce you to the most luxurious soft carpet with built-in stain resistance.  Three times softer than the softest nylon, each yarn in Mohawk Smartstrand silk soft carpet contains more than 700 soft silk-like fibers.


With built-in stain resistance, there is no need to reapply stain protection after steam cleaning like most nylon carpets.  It never washes or wears off!  It also doesn’t allow spills to penetrate the carpet fibers so you can enjoy built-in stain protection for the life of your soft carpet.


Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with this soft carpet.  Check with the manufacturer when selecting the right vacuum for your soft carpet with details on bar height. On very plush carpets, a beater bar is generally not needed when vacuuming.


Innovation that takes soft carpet to a whole new level.  We have samples for you to take home in a huge range of colors.  Our professional sales team can help you select the flooring that best suit your needs.  Visit Sunshine Interiors today and see for yourself the soft carpet difference!




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