Beautiful Berber Carpet Lakeland!!

October 31, 2013

BerberCarpet2  BerberCarpet3

Berber carpet is best known for its durability, easy maintenance, and pleasing appearance.  Berber is a term most often used to describe loop pile construction type.  Most styles have flecks of darker colors on a light background shade.   Some Berber carpets can be a solid color with no patterns or they can showcase a variety of colors with different patterns with uneven loops to create texture.  Berbers are very popular for high traffic areas in homes and offices since they are relatively inexpensive and durable.


From contemporary to country to cottage styles, Berber carpets give your home a textured, warm, and casual atmosphere since it allows for unique designs and color schemes.  Having Berber carpet will allow you to adapt it to multiple interior design schemes.   Because of the compact loop design, Berber carpet allows you to hide footprints and vacuum marks very well.


As far as value goes, olefin and polyester will be better decisions for being budget friendly while wool Berbers will be on the pricey end of your budget.  No matter what you have in mind for your room, you can find a Berber carpet that will fit in your lifestyle, design, and budget!


Come in today and see all the many colors and styles available!

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