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Whether you need relief from the hot Florida sun or seeking privacy, our blinds and window treatment options resist fading and are guaranteed to last for years to come.

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Window Treatment Benefits



Blinds are available in a variety of colors, sizes and control options.


Long Lasting

Blinds resist fading in hot Florida sun and are guaranteed to last!


Provide Privacy

Blinds provide overall relief from the sun and ensure privacy for your home.


Energy Efficient

Blinds are energy efficient; especially our honeycomb blinds which act as insulation.

Central Florida’s clear choice for blinds, drapes, and window coverings.

Blinds are a great option for your home and commercial space as they are long lasting and energy efficient. With a large variety to choose from including Plantation Shutters, Faux Wood Blinds, Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades and many more, finding the perfect blind for your space has never been easier. You can even customize how you want your blind to function—standard pull cord or completely motorized?

In today’s market, options are endless and we are here to help guide you in finding the perfect shade for your space. At Sunshine Interiors we carry 15 varieties of blinds and all are available to be seen in our showroom. If you are looking for the most energy efficient option then our Honeycomb Blinds would be most desired as they use an air pocket to insulate. If you are looking to fall on trend from a design perspective then Plantain Shutters, our top selling product, is a great option. Our sole desire is to cater to your needs and deliver the best product in your price point. With great partnerships with some of the leading fabricators in the industry, we will be sure to deliver and satisfy.

Contact Sunshine Interiors today to find out what blind works best for you. Our expert team will find the best option and guide you through the installation process. We service the Central Florida areas of: Polk County, Hillsborough County, and Hardee County areas.

Price of Blinds

Pricing depends on the brand, type, style and size of space for installation. Competitive pricing is always available at Sunshine Interiors, and we have options in every price range. Tell us about your needs, and we’ll deliver a price estimate that works for you.

Why Choose Sunshine Interiors?

After 32 years in the business, Sunshine Interiors continues to provide high quality blinds with superb service in the Polk County, Hillsborough County, and Hardee County areas, and we have the ratings to prove it.

We know we aren’t the only store in Central Florida providing customers with Blinds, but we also know that our phenomenal staff sets us apart from the competition. Some members have been with us since the day we opened the doors. We have no employees here. All of us simply work together to ensure that you are satisfied with our products, our work, and our service. Your satisfaction is the bottom line.

Let’s talk about your project

Call us today to learn more about our products and services. Here’s what you’ll receive from our exceptional customer service and installation teams:

  • An invitation to browse our showroom so that you can see and touch samples of the different types of Blinds.
  • Samples to take home so that you can experience them in your environment. If you’re unable to visit the showroom, we can bring samples to you.
  • Free measurements and a quote during a personal appointment with an experienced professional at your home.
  • Immediate repair, if accidents or damage happens.
  • A five-point survey of your level of satisfaction. We consistently receive stellar ratings, but if you’re not satisfied with our product or our service, we will work with you to learn where we went wrong, and we will fix it.

I have used Sunshine Interiors of Lakeland on several occasions before and I am very satisfied every time. My daughter has used them for years now, and she recommended them to me. I've had them do a lot of drapes before, but this last time, he came and installed some blinds for me. Every single time that he is out here he is always so kind and very helpful too. He is patient as well, which really makes a big difference in those situations. It is so important to have that cooperation when your making these decisions about your home. He has the best personality and always makes it such a pleasure to do business with. Overall, I am always very satisfied and feel they provide great service. I highly recommend Sunshine Interiors of Lakeland!

Pat F. - Lakeland, FL

Window Treatment Types

Our blinds and window treatment line includes faux wood blinds, woven wood shades, roller shades, and many more!


Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Get the look of real wood at an affordable price. Great for humid spaces, these blinds won’t warp or split, are durable and easy to clean. Available in louver sizes of 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″ and a variety of colors, Faux Wood Blinds are highly customizable. Depending on the supplier you can choose from a variety of finishes from Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Off White and more. We offer many different name brands such as Hunter Douglas, and offer various price ranges to choose from. If you are on a budget we offer Cut Down Faux Blinds at a great price with limited warranty. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades provide a warm and naturally beautiful feel to any room. These shades are woven using grasses, reeds, and bamboo. The fabrics/grasses are available in a range of opacity levels from room darkening to sheer. Translucent and room darkening liners can also be added.  Woven Wood Shades can be made in three styles: Roman Style, Panel Tracks, and Folding Panels.  Traditional Style Woven Shades can be made with a continuous cord loop and clutch and top down/bottom up functionality. Edge banding is available along with vertical drapery applications. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Roller Shades

Roller Shades are easy to use and can be made manual or completely motorized. Available in a vast selection of fabrics, textures, colors, opacities, and designs, the possibilities are endless. Roller Shades offer a clean and sophisticated look along with total control in light penetration. Pick a look and we will do the rest! Call us today to get a free estimate!


Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are known for their elegant good looks and flawless quality. They are easy to use, provide insulation and light control and increase the value of your home. All plantation shutters we sell are available with different framing options and louver sizes. Typical louver sizes are 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ sizes.

At Sunshine Interiors, Plantation Shutters are our top selling product. They can be made out of wood, vinyl or a composite. We typically make plantation shutters out of wood when we need a stain, custom paint color, or wide panel doors. Wood shutters can be made with panel doors up to 52″ wide with no warping. We also offer Vinyl Plantation Shutters, which are durable and UV resistant. They can be made very fast, for example in less than two weeks. Composite Plantation Shutters are also durable and come in two types: MDF Compressed Wood and Polycore. We only offer Polycore as MDF cannot handle moisture and size installation is limited. Polycore is moisture resistant and durable. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Pleated Shades

Pleated shades offer many stunning designs, textures, and patterns, which allow for your shades to become a featured look that will compliment any room. You can create a clean streamlined look with a neutral modern pattern or select a pop of bold color to set a focal point in your room.  Pleated Shades offer one layer of continuous fabric making it a budget friendly option. Once you have your color and pattern selected, you can then choose from several lifting options to make raising and lowering each window a customized experienced. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Silhouette Shades

The Silhouette Shade is a stunning blind with a sheer overlay that can roll flush into its head rail system. This shade is elegant and beautifully disperses sunlight into any room. They are available in 2″, 3″, and 4″ vane sizes and other options include: cordless lite rise, top down/bottom up, and motorized.  Silhouette Shades are available in many different colors and comes with a variety of light dimming options. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds are a great economical choice to cover your windows. Metal Mini Blinds are available in 2″, 1″, and 1/2″ slat sizes. Mini blind slats can be made of either 6 or 8 gauge metals. Eight gauge metal slats tend to last longer and are spring tempered. Celebrity and Decor mini blinds come with a curved decorative head rail, which eliminates the need for the two-slat valance. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Luminette Sheers

Great for large windows and sliding glass doors, the Luminette sheer is a blind made by Hunter Douglas that combines sheer draperies and vertical blinds into one. Luminette Sheers is available in many different woven fabrics and can be translucent or offer room darkening. They are available with cord pull operation or motorization and include one way or split draw configuration as well as full panel or dual panel options. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades provide a clean, sleek look while being soft, durable and energy efficient. This shade is made up of two layers of fabric fused together in a manner that creates a cell for insulation. If you are looking for a product to help with energy efficiency, this is it! Available in a variety of colors these shades are offered in black out and translucent fabrics. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds provide superior light control and are fairly inexpensive and practical. There are many options available such as motorization, S curved vanes, and products like the Luminette Vertical. At Sunshine Interiors, we only sell the highest quality line tracking system for a competitive price. We use nylon strap carriers that will not fail, break, or get brittle guaranteed. In addition, there are many options for valances to cover the top rail: sculptured valances, faux valances, double valances and much more. Call us today to get a free estimate!


ODL Enclosed Blinds

ODL Enclosed Blinds are a stylish way to control light and privacy. Ideal for French Doors, Patio Doors and other entry doors, these blinds will be sure to impress. Enclosed behind glass that is attach to the trim of your door, these blinds offer unlimited adjustability in controlling light and privacy. They will raise and lower, tilt and shift with smooth and easy controls. Their unique design makes it safe for kids and pets as there is no swinging or banging and they are easy to clean with no dusting required. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Roman Shades

Available in many fabrics and styles, Roman Shades offer an expensive look at a price that will surprise you. These shades come with a number of control configurations and are available in a variety of colorful options. At Sunshine Interiors, we offer the following types of Roman Shades: Flat Roman, Batten Back Roman, Batten Front, Hobble Roman and Basic Roman. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Motorized Blinds and Shades

Sunshine Interiors offers many different Motorized Blind options. We can set your blinds up to operate on a wall switch, from an Ipad, from sun sensors and from timers. We can motorize almost any type of Blind-Roller Shades, Verticals, Wood Blinds (open and close only), Honeycomb Shades, Silhouette Shades, and Luminettes. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Sliding Panel Blinds

Ideal for large, expansive windows and even as room dividers, Sliding Panel Blinds offer a lovely contemporary feel to a room. They are available in many different fabrics and five opacity options. Control configurations include: cord control, wand control, one-way draw, split draw and motorization. Additionally, we can harmonize your room by making Roller Shades and Sliding Panel Blinds match to ensure cohesiveness. Call us today to get a free estimate!


Pirouette Shades

The Pirouette Shade has cascading folds of fabric that fold into contoured vanes. This allows you to see a soft view of the outside through a sheer backing while UV rays are being deflected. Pirouette Shades have a variety of options: easy rise cord loop, ultra glide cord control, specialty shapes, and motorization. Call us today to get a free estimate!

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