Flooring and Blinds at Funeral Home in Lakeland FL

September 17, 2013

We recently finished doing flooring, blinds, and custom swag top treatments at Gentry Morrison funeral home in north Lakeland. Below is a picture that shows the polished porcelan cermaic tile very well. Polished porcelain is a beautiful alternative to granite or marble that gives the same appearance.

Gentry Morrison Lobby 2

The porcelain tile was laid at a 45 degree agnle and had black accent diamonds that gave a very rich appearance.  We also made custom swag top treatments and custom faux wood blinds.

Gentry Morrison Lobby 4

Below is another picture that shows the faux wood blinds and custom swag top treatments.Gentry Morrison Lobby

Be sure to call Sunshine Interiors for all of your flooring, blind, and top treatment needs!

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