Hardwood Flooring Brings
Durability, Resilience, and Strength

One of the longest lasting options that you'll ever happen to find in home flooring, hardwood foundations create a unique presence that
embraces natural beauty in such a way that it resonates throughout your entire home. Choose it - you'll use it and love it!

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Hardwood Flooring Benefits


Brings Timeless Beauty

With prices ranging from $.75 - $6.00 per square foot, hardwood flooring can match the smallest budget to the most elegant selections.


Durable, yet Elegant

With prices ranging from $.75 - $6.00 per square foot, hardwood flooring can match the smallest budget to the most elegant selections.


Variety of Species and Colors

With prices ranging from $.75 - $6.00 per square foot, hardwood flooring can match the smallest budget to the most elegant selections.


Prices for any Budget

With prices ranging from $.75 - $6.00 per square foot, hardwood flooring can match the smallest budget to the most elegant selections.

The Timeless Beauty of Hardwood Floors

When you want the most reliable and durable hardwood flooring that lends stability and permanence to your home, call Sunshine Interiors, a Lakeland hardwood flooring company for your next project. Hardwood floors create a comfortable and captivating ambience in every room. Although they have a reputation for being expensive, they come in so many different styles and species of wood that an affordable option is available in every price range.

Price of hardwood floors

A hardwood floor price varies, depending on the brand, type, and style you choose and the size of the space where it will be installed. Some people say that the hardwood flooring cost is too expensive, but our estimates are always competitive when it comes to the cost of hardwood floors. At Sunshine Interiors, we offer premier hardwood floors at an affordable price.

Why choose Sunshine Interiors?

After 32 years in the business, Sunshine Interiors continues to provide high-quality hardwood flooring with superb service in the Lakeland, Polk County, Hillsborough County, and Hardee County areas, and we have the ratings to prove it.

We know we aren’t the only hardwood flooring store in Lakeland or Central Florida, but we also know that our phenomenal staff sets us apart from the competition. Some members have been with us since the day we opened the doors. We have no employees here. All of us simply work together to ensure that you are satisfied with our products, our work, and our service. Your satisfaction is the bottom line.

Let’s talk about your project

Call us today to learn more about our products and services or to buy hardwood floors for your project. Here’s what you’ll receive from our exceptional customer service and installation teams:

  • An invitation to browse our showroom so that you can see and touch samples of the different types of hardwood floor.
  • Hardwood flooring samples to take home so that you can experience them in your environment. If you’re unable to visit the showroom, we can bring samples to you.
  • Free measurements and a quote during a personal appointment with an experienced professional at your home.
  • Immediate repair, if accidents or damage happens.
  • A five-point survey of your level of satisfaction. We consistently receive stellar ratings, but if you’re not satisfied with our product or our service, we will work with you to learn where we went wrong, and we will fix it.

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We are there with you every step of the way to make certain your flooring and window treatment expectations are exceeded.

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The guys over at Sunshine Interiors of Lakeland are just great. They provide an excellent product and excellent installers to install that product. The installers are always on time and they are incredibly efficient in their work. I really like that they do exactly what they say they are going to do and they don't try to be sneaky and do extra so they can charge you extra. If I ever have any questions they are more than happy to answer all of them. They are just a great service, and I am always incredibly happy with their work.

Bill W. - Lakeland, FL

Hardwood Flooring Types

From exotic solid wood flooring to durable engineered wood flooring, we will help you choose the right flooring for you.


Engineered Wood Flooring

Like solid hardwood, it’s 100% real wood, but it is made by bonding multiple layers of wood together. It can be installed practically anywhere in your home, including your basement. Because of its cross-ply construction, it does not expand and contract during the different times of the year.

The Beauty of Wood Flooring in Bathrooms, Basements and more.
Engineered wood is the most commonly used wood flooring currently. It is available in almost every species of wood. Engineered wood can have a beveled edge and come in smooth, hand-scraped or a wire-brushed finish.


Solid Wood Flooring

Through and through, it’s 100% wood. It can be refinished countless times over its lifetime to develop a rich patina. It’s susceptible to moisture, so it’s typically installed on a subfloor by staples or nails and not directly on top of a concrete slab or below ground level. You don’t want to install solid hardwood in your basement, especially if you live in a flood zone. It expands and contracts as the seasons of the year come and go.

The Beauty of Wood Flooring in Bathrooms, Basements and more.
When considering hardwood flooring, here are some things to keep in mind: Common domestic hardwoods include Red Oak, White Oak, Maple and Hickory. Each hardwood plank is unique. Hardwood will vary in graining patterns, color and character. Different species will have their own unique look. Hardwood flooring can be pre-stained from the manufacturer or custom stained when the floor is installed. Hardwood will react to moisture, both moisture in the slab and moisture in the air. Too much moisture may cause the wood to expand, causing the wood to cup or buckle. It is important to allow the wood to acclimate to the home for four to seven days before installing. The installer will leave an expansion gap around the perimeter to allow space for expansion.


Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is considered a “Green Flooring”. Cork flooring is produced from the bark of a tree. Cork floors are durable, moisture resistant and are good thermal and sound insulators. Cork flooring is comfortable to walk and stand on, is non-slip, fire retardant and resists mold, mildew and bacteria. Cork flooring is available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

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